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Solution For ?

Staffing Issues

Staff retention is a growing problem.

When you can’t get the staff, or can’t get them at the right level… or you finally hire the perfect staff member and they leave

Reporting & Compliance

Statutory Compliance is strictly time bound

Management Reporting for Competitive decision making

Dedicated staff and continuity is essential


Cost Of Recruitment

Cost of Compliance, causing due to vacancy

Cost of Time and effectiveness

How We Are Different ?

Establishing effective Process

Continuity of Workflow


Vacancy, Training & Staffing

No effect on Present Cost

How ATS is beneficial ?

For Employers

1. Effective Process in place

2. Experts designed tools&Procedures

3. No effect of Vacancy

4. Work Profile relevant training Prior to saffing

5. Saving in cost of recruitment & compliance

For Employee

1. Salary on time

2. No question of lack of related work experience.

3. Flexibility of timings for professionals

4. Effective Use of the Talent.

5. Continuity of Payroll

Our Process


Agreement With Client

MOU with general T&C which is renewable annually



Qualified professional Will be assigned.

Work Profile and working conditions will be assessed and documented.


Gap Analysis

Understanding the gap, Process designed, candidates shortlisted, trained and sent for managment approval



Segregation of duties, Assigning Responsibilitie



In 3 Months,
detailed work profile will be documented and Continuity Strategy will be Prepared

How It Works ?

There will be Continuity in work flow even if there is change in staff.

Documented, Work Profile and Detailed work profiles, are our working papers.

Continuity will be accomplished on the basis of Working Papers.

Our SOP’s are so designed to meet Management Expectations

As there is moral and knowledge support to the candidates, healthy environment will be created.

As there is no cost of hiring, Saving in existing cost of recruitment is Obvious.

Even the candidate is hired on ATS Payroll He/She will be paid as it is.

Area Of Service

In House Services

  • CFO Services
  • Staffing *(USP)
  • MIS Reporting
  • Internal Audit


  • Branch Outsourcing
  • Department Outsourcing
  • Segment Outsourcing
  • Financial Budgeting

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